Henry VIII – Images of a King: Part 2 – Henry in Love

On Valentine’s Day 2012, it seems appropriate to blog images of Henry VIII’s love affair with Anne Boleyn.

Margin note from Anne Boleyn to Henry VIIMargin note from Anne Boleyn to Henry VII, 1528
Shelfmark: MS King’s 9, f. 66v., © British Library Board.
‘Be daly prove you shall me fynde / To be to you bothe lovynge and kynde.’


Anne Boleyn’s Book of HoursAnne Boleyn’s Book of Hours
Shelfmark: Kings Ms. 9, f.231v & f.66, © British Library Board.
Henry wrote in the margin (in French) ‘If you remember my love in your prayers as strongly as I adore you, I shall hardly be forgotten, for I am yours. Henry R. forever.


Coronation of Anne BoleynThe noble tryumphaunt coronacyon of quene Anne,
wyfe unto the moost noble kynge Henry the viij, Wynkyn de Worde, for Johan Goughe (London, 1533),  shelfmark: C.21.b.24, © The British Library Board


Anne Boleyn’s Book of Hours


Signature of Anne Boleyn
Click on her signature to be taken to a British Library podcast on her
Book of Hours.



All digital images from the British Library’s Online Images archive appear by courtesy of the British Library Board and may not be reproduced (© British Library Board).


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