Henry VIII – Images of a King: Part 1

Henry VIII's PsalterFrom Henry VIII’s Psalter, Jean Mallard (1540), Shelfmark: Royal 2 A xvi, f.3,
See all of Henry VIII’s Psalter using the British Library’s innovative
Turning the Pages™ technology.  © British Library Board.

Inventory of Henry VIII's assets on his deathInventory of Henry VIII’s assets on his death, (September 1547)
Shelfmark: Harley Ms. 1419 A, f.206, © British Library Board.

Henry VIII, Charles V, and Leo XHenry VIII, Charles V and Pope Leo X, (Italy, 1520s)Shelfmark: Add. 35254 S, © British Library Board.   Henry VIII holding a roll, the Papal Bull which gave him the title “Defender of the Faith”). He is supported by a Cardinal (Wolsey?) who is holding an open book (possibly Henry’s treate against Luther, “Defence of the Seven Sacraments”). Henry is disputing with Charles V before Pope Leo X. In front of Charles V is a dragon transfixed by a spear-head.

All digital images from the British Library’s Online Images archive appear by courtesy of the British Library Board and may not be reproduced (© British Library Board).


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