Images of Medieval and early Tudor trades – Part 1

Sloane 1977   ff. 49v-50  Apothecary shop ‘Full-page miniatures of an apothecary shop, on the left, and medical consultations, on the right’ from Circa instans (France, 1st quarter 14th century),
shelfmark Sloane 1977 ff. 49v-50, © British Library Board.

(I couldn’t find a British Library image of armourer making a suit of armour, so this beautiful image represents the armourers of Medieval & Tudor England)
Harley 4205   ff. 15v-16, combatant mounted knights in armour and tabard ‘Combatant mounted knights in armour and tabard’ from Military Roll of Arms (manuscript also known as Sir Thomas Holme’s Book of Arms), (England, S. E., probably London, before 1448, c. 1446), Harley 4205 ff. 15v-16, , © British Library Board.

Royal 10 E IV   f. 145v  Baker putting loaves in oven ‘Baker putting loaves in oven’ from Decretals of Gregory IX with glossa ordinaria (the ‘Smithfield Decretals’) (France, last quarter of the 13th century or 1st quarter of the 14th century), shelfmark Royal 10 E IV f. 145v, © British Library Board.

Barbers (including surgeons & dentists)
Royal 6 E VI   f. 503v   Dentes (Teeth) ‘Dentist extracting teeth’ from Omne Bonum (Circumcisio-Dona Spiritui Sancti) (London, England, c1360-c1375), shelfmark Royal 6 E VI f. 503v, © British Library Board.

(I couldn’t find an image of someone making a basket, so this beautiful image of The Feeding of the Five Thousand represents the basket-makers of Medieval times)
Yates Thompson 13   f. 102   The feeding of the five thousand ‘Five large baskets of bread and an apostle placing bread in a man’s cloak’ from Book of Hours, Use of Sarum (‘The Taymouth Hours’) (London, England, 2nd quarter of the 14th century), shelfmark Yates Thompson 13 f. 102, © British Library Board.

 Harley 6563   f. 68v   Blacksmith at work  ‘Blacksmith at work’ from Book of Hours (London, c1320-c1330),
shelfmark Harley 6563 f.68v, © British Library Board.

All digital images on this blog are from the British Library’s Online Images archive and appear by courtesy of the British Library Board and may not be reproduced (© British Library Board).

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