Transcript fo.3r: Great Dunmow’s collection for the church steeple (part 3)

Great Dunmow's churchwarden accounts Essex Record Office D/P 11/5/1 fo.3r

Transcription of Tudor Great Dunmow’s churchwardens’ accounts (1525-6)

1. Item Wyllem barcar viijd [8d] [William Barker]
2. Item John hrady(??) iiijd [4d] [John ??]
3. Item mother hotte iiijd [4d] [Mother Hot]
4. Item John Maryou iiijd [4d] [John Mayor]
5. Item Thom[a]s myllett ijd [2d] [Thomas Millet]
6. Item John Scoryar \nichell/ [blank] [John Scoryar]
7. Item Cateryn Lott viijd [8d] [Catherine Lot]
8. Item Wyllem Davy iiijd [4d] [William Davy]
9. Item Mother Longe xxd [20d] [Mother Long]
10. Item Jone palgrave wedow id [1d] [Jane/Joan Palgrave, widow]
11. Item Wyllem baysy xijd [12d] [William Bass?]
12. Item Robard Fest iiijd [4d] [Robert Fest]
13. Item baldwyn tyler nichell [blank] [Baldwin Tyler]
14. Item Thomas Farethe[??] iiijd [4d] [Thomas ??]
15. Wyllem Nyghttyngale iiijd [4d] [William Nightingale]
16. Item Robard bothe ijd [2d] [Robert Both]
17. Item Stevyn Sturt[o]n ijd [2d] [Steven Sturton]
18. Item Wyllem Sewerd viijd [8d] [William Seward]
19. Item Edmund Fuller iiijd [4d] [Edmund Fuller]
20. Item Nycolas Aylett xvid [16d] [Nicholas Aylett]
21. Item Nycolas parcar viijd [8d] [Nicholas Parker]
22. Item Wyllem p[ar]son iiijd [4d] [William Parson]
23. Item John Exylby iiijd [4d] [John Exilby?]
24. Item Jamys Stowte iiijd [4d] [James Stout]
25. Item Wyllem mede iiijd [4d] [William Mead]
26. Item Rychard Cokke xijd  [4d] [Richard Cook]
27. Item Wyllem tayler glover viijd [8d] [William Tayler, glover]
p[ar]sonage downe 28. Item Thomas Dygby iiijd [4d] [Thomas Digby]
29. Item John Alyn iiijd [4d] [John Allen]
30. Item Thom[a]s kyng iiijd [4d] [Thomas King]
31. Item George owr nychell [blank] [George Ower?, none]
32. Item John Weste iiijd [4d] [John West]
33. Item Thom[a]s Thake ijd [2d] [Thomas Thake]
34. Item John Harvy iiijd [4d] [John Harvey]
35. Item Robard mason iiijd [4d] [Robert Mason]
36. Item Rychard storyer iiijd [4d] [Richard Story?]
37. Item mother bowyer iiijd [4d] [Mother Bowyer]

Line 3, 9, & 37: Mother = ‘old woman’ ie local aged woman, probably a widow as this is a list of heads of households.

Line 6, 13, & 31: Nichell – Latin for ‘none’ ie this household did not contribute any money towards the collection.

Line 28: Parsonage Down, an area of the parish next to St Mary the Virgin parish church.

Text in square [brackets] are The Narrator’s transcriptions.  Line numbers are merely to assist the reader find their place on the digital image.

The early-modern spellings of the inhabitants of Great Dunmow have been transcribed into modern English so that family historians and other researchers can pick up these names via internet search engines.  Please leave a comment if you can improve the modern-day spelling or transcribe any of my question marks.  The other hundred or so names written within this list will appear over the next few days, followed by an analysis of the names on the list and the reason for the church collection.

Notes about Great Dunmow’s churchwarden accounts
Great Dunmow’s original churchwardens’ accounts (1526-1621) are kept in Essex Record Office (E.R.O.), Chelmsford, Essex, D/P 11/5/1.  All digital images of the accounts within this blog appear by courtesy of Essex Record Office and may not be reproduced. Examining these records from this Essex parish gives the modern reader a remarkable view  into the lives and times of some of Henry VIII’s subjects and provides an interpretation into the local history of Tudor Great Dunmow.


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