Transcript fo.3v: Great Dunmow’s collection for the church steeple (part 4)

Great Dunmow's churchwarden accounts Essex Record Office D/P 11/5/1 fo.3v

Transcription of Tudor Great Dunmow’s churchwardens’ accounts (1525-6)

  1. Item Thomas chapman iiijd [4d] [Thomas Chapman]
cherche end 2. Item Rychard bowyer xij [12d] [Richard Bowyer]
  3. Item Thom[a]s Dostetur ijs [2s] [Thomas Dowsetter/Dowset]
  4. Item Robard Mede ijs [2s] [Robert Mead]
  5. Item Thomas Wolray ixd [9d] [Thomas ??]
  6. Item Robart kekynge viijd [8d] [Robert Keking?]
  7. Item Rychard Wales viijd [8d] [Richard Wales]
  8. Item Mother skylton iiijd [4d] [Mother Skilton]
  9. Item margarytt Sawlen iiijd [4d] [Margaret Sawlen]
  10. Item Wyllem phelyp iiijd [4d] [William Phillip/Phelp]
  11. Item john bokk [blank] [John Book]
  12. Item John kynge iiijd [4d] [John King]
  13. Item john Akkynsone iiijd [4d] [John Atkinson]
  14. Item Robart Aschebye iiijd [4d] [Robert Ashby]
  15. Item Robard Rolfe iiijd [4d] [Robert Rolf]
  16. Item Wyllem Aylett iiijd [4d] [William Aylett]
  17. Item Father braybroke iiijd [4d] [Father Braybrook]
  18. Item harry rerdlay ijd [2d] [Harry ??]
Bygwod quart 19. Item John Matkyn iiijd [4d] [John Matkin]
  20. Item Thom[a]s More viijd [8d] [Thomas Moore]
  21. Item Robard Melburne vid [6d] [Robert Melbourne]
  22. Item Rychard Sanders[o]n viijd [8d] [Richard Sanderson]
  23. Item henry sharpe viijd [8d] [Henry Sharpe]
  24. Item John Carver ijd [2d] [John Carver]
hywode qter 25. Item Wyllem longe iiijd [4d] [William Long]
  26. Item \John/ playell iiijd [4d] [John Playel]
  27. Item Robard p[ar]car att caunare iiijd [4d] [Robert Parker at ??]
  28. Item Jone glascokke viijd [8d] [Joan/Jane Glascock]
  29. Item father howchy[n] viijd [8d] [Father Hutchinson?]
  30. Item Robard hochyn viiijd [8d] [Robert Huchinson?]
  31. Item John hankyn iiijd [4d] [John Hankin]
  32. Item Rychartt P[ar]car iiijd [4d] [Richard Parker]
bosshopwode qter 33. Item John longe junior xxd [20d] [John Long, junior]
  34. Item Henry longe ijs [2s] [Henry Long]
  35. Item John Nyghtyngale iiijd [4d] [John Nightingale]
  36. Item Rychartt carpentr vjd [6d] [Richard Carpenter]
  37. Item Thom[a]s kyunt[o]n iiijd [4d] [Thomas ??]

Line 17 & 29: Father = ‘old man’ ie a local aged man

Line 8: Mother = ‘old woman’ ie local aged woman, probably a widow as this is a list of heads of households.

Line 2: Church End, the area of the parish where the parish church is located (nearly one mile from the main town)

Line 19: Bigods Quarter – an area in the north of the parish.  Bigods was one of Great Dunmow’s medieval manors.

Line 33: Bishopswood Quarter – an area to the south of the parish.

Text in square [brackets] are The Narrator’s transcriptions.  Line numbers are merely to assist the reader find their place on the digital image.

The early-modern spellings of the inhabitants of Great Dunmow have been transcribed into modern English so that genealogists, family historians and other researchers can pick up these names via internet search engines.  Please leave a comment if you can improve the modern-day spelling.  The other hundred or so names written within this list will appear over the next few days, followed by an analysis of the names on the list and the reason for the church collection.

Notes about Great Dunmow’s churchwarden accounts
Great Dunmow’s original churchwardens’ accounts (1526-1621) are kept in Essex Record Office (E.R.O.), Chelmsford, Essex, D/P 11/5/1.  All digital images of the accounts within this blog appear by courtesy of Essex Record Office and may not be reproduced. Examining these records from this Essex parish gives the modern reader a remarkable view  into the lives and times of some of Henry VIII’s subjects and provides an interpretation into the local history of Tudor Great Dunmow.


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