An apology…

After a gap in my blogging, I don’t normally say why I haven’t been around; I’d just start re-blogging again. However, I have received several concerned emails from cyber-friends to ask ‘am I ok’. Yes, I’m perfectly fine but over the last few months, the effort of getting my small child back into a school has overtaken my entire life. You may recall that I wrote about some of my battle in my posts on our School Trip Friday for the Academically Challenged. This week, after an 18 month legal battle and with my son out of school for exactly one year, I finally faced Essex County Council in a court of law in front of a judge. I have no idea yet what the judgement will be, but whatever it is, I know I have done absolutely the best for my child and he will be returning to school in September.

Sadly in amongst the fight for my child, I have neglected blogging and my writing skills – linked totally to my emotional well-being – have been repressed. I am hoping that my writing abilities will return. In amongst the fight for my son, we have still continued our School Trip Fridays, but I haven’t written up any stories yet. I also hope to shortly be able to return to the local history of Tudor England and, in particular, Great Dunmow.

But for the moment, here is a picture of my child, who I have fought so long and so hard for, during one of our most spine-tingling School Trip Fridays for the Academically Challenged

Here’s looking at you, kid


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2 Responses to An apology…

  1. Austin reeve says:

    Glad you’re back, Kate. Fingers crossed!

  2. Valerie says:

    Love the photo. Good to see you back online – like others, I had been concerned and have missed your posts. Hope the outcome from the court is favourable. I also hope you and your son enjoy the summer before school starts in September.

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